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About the Firm

Oliveras Legal, LLC was created in 2020 by Puerto Rican attorney Gilberto J. Oliveras Maldonado. Gilberto graduated with a BSBA double majoring in Finance and Marketing from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). He then went to law school and graduated from UPR Law School during the summer of 2018, as a magna cum laude. Gilberto was also awarded the prize for the best notary grades of the graduating class. Soon after, in September 2018, Gilberto passed both the Puerto Rico Bar and the Puerto Rico Notary Bar with excellent marks.

In January 2019, however, Gilberto left Puerto Rico, to pursue an LL.M. in International Sports Law, at the prestigious university ISDE in Madrid, Spain, where he spent the majority of 2019.

After finishing his Master's Degree, Gilberto was invited to intern at Conlegal Sports in Guayaquil, Ecuador, the only law firm in Ecuador that specializes in sports law. There, Gilberto was asked to become a full-time consultant, rather than an intern, until March 2020, when Gilberto returned to Puerto Rico. In Ecuador, Gilberto worked with international and national sports law matters, as well as intellectual property, contractual, labor, and even international law matters.

Although the law firm opens its doors in 2020, Gilberto has gained vast experience working within the legal and corporate environments. Gilberto was a marketing executive during 2014 for Hospitales HIMA San Pablo. He then moved to a consultant position for BRS Related, Inc., a position he filled until 2019. In 2017, Gilberto took a sabbatical from BRS Related, Inc. to become a judicial intern at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In 2019, Gilberto left BRS Related, Inc. officially to become a legal consultant at Banco Popular de Puerto Rico. Followed by his international experience in Ecuador, Gilberto has proven to be an experienced, detail-oriented, and perseverant professional.

Gilberto is passionate about both sports and law, and he sees an obvious need for qualified sports lawyers in Puerto Rico and the United States. Gilberto also enjoys practicing in entertainment law, intellectual property, contract law, notary, and labor law, among others. Gilberto is always looking for the next challenge and the new learning experience.

While fairly new, Oliveras Legal, LLC is ready to face any challenges that may present themselves. With a vast network of lawyers in different areas, if we can't handle your business we can easily refer you to someone who can, nationally and internationally. Trust us with your business and we will treat it as if it were our own.